Julldent 034 Composite Instruments Set of 8

Julldent 034 Composite Instruments Set of 8


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Composite Instruments Set of 8

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Product Description

Composite Instruments Set of 8
Jull-Dent 034

1) Jull-Dent 034A Applica-Tor: A very thin, flexible spatula designed for transporting and esthetic modeling of the composite. The flexible working end gently and precisely sculpts composite layers to imitate the natural shape of the tooth. The thin tip of the Applica-tor enables modeling in narrow spaces or against the matrix band.
2) Jull-Dent 034B Condensa-Tor: A long, round plugger designed especially for modeling a composite. Its angulated shanks enable unrestricted access to all cavities. Condensa-tor has both a thick and a thin tip that can be used in cavities of different sizes, in both anterior and posterior areas. The rounded working end enables a delicate compacting of composite without any risk of adhesion.
3) Jull-Dent 034C Misura-Tor: A unique instrument used to apply the correct horizontal and vertical thicknesses of composite layers on the anterior restorations. After layering but before polymerization of the dentine composite, the thinner, cylindrical tip is placed on the natural tooth enamel. The unpolymerized composite below the cylindrical tip is then gently modeled, leaving an optimal space for the enamel composite layer. The thicker, short tip of the Misura-tor is placed horizontally at the margin of the prepared cavity, leaving the edge of the tip on the original enamel. This allows you to determine the right amount of transparent composite to apply on the finishing line. The final esthetic restoration consists of correctly balanced opaque and translucent composites, avoiding the unpleasant gray effect of some composites.
4) Jull-Dent 034D Applica-tor Twister: Especially fine, flexible and narrow spatula for composite modeling. The Applica-tor Twister is used for easy modeling in the proximal spaces and marginal ridges in the matrix. Its bent tips make it possible to reach awkward areas without complicating the working position of the hand unnecessarily.
5) Jull-Dent 034E Fissura-Tor: A modeling instrument with extremely sharp pointed tips. The conical tip is perfect for sculpting the anatomy of the occlusal area of the posterior teeth with just one instrument. The fine, probe-shaped tip is optimal for modeling fissures and mamelons as well as for layering characterization composites and sealants. The flexibility of the Fissura-tor enables gentle probing to ensure there is no excess bonding resin remaining on tooth surfaces.
6) Jull-Dent 034F Modella-Tor: Especially fine, wide spatula for composite modeling. Particularly suited to large tooth surfaces such as the buccal surfaces of the incisors. The wide spatula end flattens the composite effectively. The flexibility, delicacy and sharpness of the tip helps to create precise esthetic details. The spatula works well for applying the composite from a syringe.
7) Jull-Dent 034G Anterior Universal: Instrument for high-end esthetic anterior restorations. Rounded and straight spatulas are designed for modeling anterior teeth, especially labial surfaces.
8) Jull-Dent 034H Posterior Universal: Instrument for high-end posterior composite restorations. The plugger end is designed for bulk filling and composite material modeling. The sharp end enables contouring of the occlusal surface anatomy.

Handle: Autoclavable, Light Weight, Premium Silicon Handles.
Tip: Titanium Grade 5, NON Sticking Coating.

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