Desire to Innovate

Desire to Innovate

Kush Mahajan joined the dental instrument industry in 2012. Over a period of time he observed that the surgical manufacturing industry in India was diminishing and most of the instruments in the market were from our western neighbors and were smuggled illegally in to the country. Strongly believing in the adage “Make in India’ he toiled hard to revive the dental manufacturing industry. Many small battles were fought and won to prepare for the war. We at Jullundur Surgical Works can proudly say that we are one of the few handful who are manufacturing world class dental instruments in India.

Also after working in the field for a couple of years, Kush felt a strong need to innovate and make products which are economically and environmentally friendly. The long term effects of plastic on the environment and humans were the driving force for his passion to innovate. Reading up about the ill effects of micro plastics to humans, animal life and environment in general Kush decided to jump in head-on in the field of reusable equipment. It was a long and lone journey. With the help of a dedicated team of expert help and advice, he gradually found a strong foothold in the production of reusable equipment. At present he is in the process of launching many products which are ecofriendly, reusable and are a strong contender to replace the disposables in the dental industry.


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