Artery Forcep

Artery Forcep


Artery Forceps


What are Artery Forceps?


Artery forceps are surgical instruments used to close ruptured blood vessels. The instrument also called a hemostat and, more simply, a clamp is one of modern medicine’s most common tools. Artery forceps are commonly used by combat medics and paramedics to save patients who are in immediate danger of dying from massive blood loss. Proper use of artery forceps can buy patients valuable time as they await transport to a hospital.


Uses of Artery Forceps:

Artery forceps are instruments used to control bleeding from blood vessels by clamping the artery. This process is known as hemostasis. They feature a locking mechanism at the top of the forceps to secure them in place during procedures.  Forceps are hinged instruments used to hold an object that’s difficult to grasp in place. There are hundreds of types of forceps used in medicine, from surgery to obstetrics to dentistry. Forceps can commonly be found in the home as tweezers and pliers. Artery forceps, obviously, have a more specialized function.


 Hemostatic forceps

Hemostatic forceps (also known as ring forceps) is a hinged type of artery forceps used mainly to control flow of blood through blood vessels or other body fluids through tubular structures. Jull-Dent Instruments hemostatic forceps come in various sizes and blade curvature to meet surgeons’ needs in various clinical applications.

Material: Premium Quality Stainless Steel.






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