IPO Box (Implant Prosthetic Organizer Box)

IPO Box (Implant Prosthetic Organizer Box)

                             IPO Box (Implant Prosthetic Organizer Box)


Life is easier when we organize it!

Every dental clinic has multiple prosthetic parts which are tiny and need proper organization while use, cleaning and organizing. These Prosthetic parts can be Stored, Autoclaved, Labeled and Managed without much of a hassle in an IPO Box (Implant Prosthetic Organizer Box) designed by Kush Mahajan.

This IPO box is a boon for Implant Surgeons (especially doing full mouth cases) where multiunit abutments (MUA) of different angulations, gingival heights and other implant components get mixed up during surgery and it becomes difficult to segregate them back.

As the box can be cleaned and sterilized so it can be used during surgery to keep the blood soiled abutments in their respective labeled slots to be cleaned and sterilized later on.

-This IPO box helps the surgeon to label and mark the box as per his own convenience hence store, clean and sterilize the components easily without them getting mixed up.

-Useful for storing Endodontic files, burrs etc.

-Useful in storing Orthodontic brackets, bands etc

Its widespread usage in dental practice makes this box a product which should not be missed by dental practitioner of any stream.

“If you’ve put a smile on someone’s face today, you’ve done more good than you know.”

– Richelle E. Goodrich.


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